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Berlington’s ghost hunters

The book series „Berlington’s ghost hunters“ is a genre mix of urban fantasy, gay/lesbian romance, steampunk and a bit of gothic horror. Part 1, „Otherworld“ will be published in 2017, when it has been translated into English.


Jacket text of part 1, „Otherworld“:
London, in the autumn of 1887.
Technical progress and industrialisation can hardly be kept back in the United Kingdom and in other parts of the world. The Airships, automobiles and the distribution of electricity are just a few examples for the technical accomplishments of the last decades. Freelance inventors developed astonishing devices and machines. Yet also the mystical fascinates people of this time – believing in ghost, occultism, séances and other esoteric practices are becoming more and more popular. And some even claim to have seen ghosts, demons or fairies…
When two men disappear shortly after Halloween, the American private detective Eliott investigates the case – together with the young, wealthy heir Lord Berlington, the Irish witch Fiona, the artist Nica and the older spiritist Giselle. Are they dealing with ghosts here? And what about the charismatic young dandy Damian, who takes Lord Berlington under his spell?


The protagonists of the series (all painted by Amalia Zeichnerin, background pictures from

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The first three novels of „Berlington’s ghost hunters“ are planned as a trilogy.
After that, I intend to write some more standalone novels for this series.
Because there are a lot of monsters out there…

Other publications
In 2016, I have also published a steampunk-adventure novel, „Der Stern des Seth“
(„The star of Seth“, so far only in German available)

About me

I am a German author and live in Hamburg, Germany with my husband. I stumbled across Steampunk six years ago and have become active in the community. There are several things I love about steampunk, especially the creativity, the retro style and the general openness of the community. I organise an annual steampunk picknick in Hamburg and write articles for the German steampunk online magazine „Clockworker“.

Yet I have been fascinated with the Victorian era since I was a teenager and I like the United Kingdom and Ireland a lot. Some of my ancestors are from England, too.

I also enjoy fantasy, gothic horror and other literature genres, art, movies, music, larping and pen & paper roleplaying. Already as a child, I started creating my own stories and wrote my first novel when I was 17. Today, I see this first attempt rather as an writing exercise.