Illustrations: Fantasy World Maps

I draw fantasy world maps, also for other authors. I love to create such worlds on paper, for paperbacks and e-books and thus offer readers a visual orientation in the respective fantasy world. I draw these maps in black and white, by hand. I add lettering or small elements digitally.

All I need for such a map is a sketch that doesn’t have to look pretty, but is as accurate as possible and shows where landscapes, rivers, cities, mountains, islands, etc. are located. If necessary, I also need descriptions of things that should be highlighted a little larger, such as buildings or special sites. I can draw a city, a whole country, a continent, or even a whole world with continents (the latter less detailed due to size).

Here are several maps I have drawn for other authors:

Contact: Feel free to email me at wortflow(at) if you’re interested.

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